Dramatically Reduce Wheel Plugging

The 3 spoke open rim design allows mud to pass through the wheel.

Dramatically Reduce Wheel Wobble

The cast iron bearing hub eliminates wheel wobble for longer bearing life.

Better Rubber

You get up to 20% longer life with our Rubber.

Frustrated with downtime during seeding due to wet conditions?

We have re-invented the gauge wheel. Learn how!

What We Do.

The MudSmith Gauge Wheel was created on the Smith family farm in Northeastern South Dakota in an effort to improve planting efficiency during wet soil conditions. The Smiths began no-tilling in the early 1990’s, and the combination of no-till and living in the prairie pothole region caused wheel plugging which caused delays, repairs and stress.

After trying different designs they progressed to the 3” spoke wheel. This wheel has proven to be the most plug-free design available in addition to offering outstanding durability.

MudSmith offers a variety of wheels to fit any planter from conventional 4.5” wheels, to 3” wheels for better ride and less row unit bounce, to 2.5” wheels to fit the new twin-row planters.

Learn More

We were on the field days ahead of everybody in our area.
The reason being, we had your gauge wheels on our air drill.
We were thinking of trading our air drill because we had so many problems with gauge wheels getting plugged up. We were spending as much time cleaning wheels as seeding. So we gave it one more try and changed them over to your gauge wheels. We didn’t have problems again! Thanks.

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